Hufflepuff in the streets,
Ravenclaw in the scripts !

Welcome to the fascinating mess of a crazy french fangirl (currently hyperventilating about OUAT season 4)

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Enjoy your stay, you little bowls of soup !

Hey littl’ bowls of soup !!

I’m going to sleep rn but i need to ask you a favor. :3
Could you message me tomorrow in my askbox about what happened in the Frozen Special on ABC tonight ? :D
I need the help of a non-european Oncer hahah

Thanks a lot for any help, just a tiny summary of what they showed, a sneal peek or something, anything new related to Frozen and/or OUAT.
Thanks again !!

If you can’t, spread the message as much as possible so i can also relay the news to the other European Oncers in the need ;)
Let’s unite !!

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I’m forever laughing about the OUAT cast doing the ALS ice bucket challenge tho

Men being gorgeous as hell and god bless see-through shirts

Women being cutie pies and special shoutout to Bex for the hilarious Wicked Witch ref


Adam, Eddie and the writers being perfect dorks with the apple shower.

This crew is flawless and i just can’t